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If you are interested in a work-from-home or anywhere type of job, I have a great lead for you. It’s a place I’ve been working with for about a month, and have made about $145 for roughly 3-4 hours of work each week. Interested? Read on for more information!

Sounds Too Good to Be True

I for one abhor scams of all kinds, but especially when money is involved. They are detestable, and the people that do them/run them are just plain rude. I’m sure we’ve all heard of those ‘get-rich-quick’ scams so we’re a little leery of strange or unfamiliar opportunities. So, we’ll get this one out of the way right upfront.

Enter Lionbridge, a company that lets you work-from-home or anywhere really. I’ve been working for them for close to a month now, and have definitely made some cash, which I’ll post more information below. If you’re interested, head over to their current postings linked below. Note, each job is unique. For example, I am required to complete my tasks on an iPhone, but they have Android or other specific requirements, depending on the job.

I definitely fit into that “is this real” category but have heard about Lionbridge in the past. As you’ll see below, I’m not raking in the big bucks, but cash is flowing! I will say this, that I was cautiously optimistic about getting started, and have been pleasantly surprised.

Working from Home is Possible

Although I cannot share some specifics about my current role, here are some high-level details:

  • Status: Contractor
  • Payment: Weekly paid through a third-party (Work Market) who then sends payments via PayPal
  • Job: Perform ratings each day M-F, usually 15-20 per day; they have also paid me for working on Saturdays/Sundays, so I’m getting a bit extra on the top.
  • Time: One aspect of these work from home jobs is that the only time commitment is however long it takes me to complete it. I’ve tracked my time (because I’m a weird, data-driven person) and it takes me anywhere from 20-30 minutes to complete the task for the day.
  • Requirement(s): Complete tasks on iPhone

I started working for Lionbridge the last week of January, and so far, here are my earnings to date:

Here are the PayPal transactions:

I get a base/daily rate, plus every task I complete that is provided adds to my daily total, so the earned amount fluctuates a bit each day. Outside of the approx $7 used to process payments, I’ve made about $145 just since the end of January for about 3.5-4 hours each week. That comes out to about $10+/hour, just by completing simple tasks on my phone!

So… what’s the catch?

Well, I have yet to find an issue working with this company. In fact, I’ve applied to a few other positions in hopes I can perhaps secure a couple of different contract jobs to bring in more cash. Look, this is work, so you have to do *something* but it’s not hard work. Can you do it? Very likely, unless you like being lazy. But the opportunity is there!

If you’re *TRULY* interested in learning about their opportunities to work from home, your cell phone, or anywhere, I would encourage you to look at their current jobs posted on the Smart Crowd site.

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