The Goods

Here you’ll find a few helpful forms, links to some of our favorite and most-helpful sites, and other tools to assist you on the path to Financial Independence!

Budget Worksheet

Download and print our simple budget worksheet. Fill it out and evaluate each area and see how you can cut down expenses!

Financial Inventory Worksheet

Utilize this worksheet to take a financial inventory. This will give you the big picture of your financials.

Annual Savings Rate Calculation

This form will provide you simple steps to calculate your Annual Savings Rate. 

finances-fire-calculatorTake your income and your savings information and plug them into this handy calculator to get your savings rate and your potential retirement date. I use this often to check out where we’re at on the FI scale.


Personal Capital – Excellent at tracking net worth, and provides some investment advice and snapshots.


Mint – Pretty simple and easy to use budgeting tool. We’ve used this for years and it has been great to track and reflect on our spending habits. Must have!


YNAB – A great way to create and track your budget categories. Highly customizable and user-friendly. We recommend checking out the methodology videos to get a good grasp on how it works.