Introduction to Investing

Hi Pocket Changers! Today, we’re diving into the world of investing! Okay, perhaps getting our toes wet is a more accurate assessment. Regardless, today we’re going to look at a problem facing a number of Americans, and try to understand why investing is important for long-term financial goals. Let’s jump on in! BIG NOTE: The … Continue reading Introduction to Investing


4 Steps to Starting Your House Hunt

There. We’ve said it! We are hunting for a house…finally! After 6 years in an apartment (which I NEVER thought would happen) in Iowa, after moving here cross-country from California, we have a bit tucked away for a down-payment and have started the house hunt! What a crazy adventure it’s been! If you’ve never bought … Continue reading 4 Steps to Starting Your House Hunt


Taking a Financial Inventory

Hey fellow Pocket Changers! Today, you’re going to get a sneak-peek into our financial inventory before we dive into the world of financial independence. Evaluating our financial life is a crucial step to achieving our goal. Without knowing where we are starting, how can we possibly know which direction to move? For example, if you … Continue reading Taking a Financial Inventory