Mrs. Pocketchange’s Tips: Settlement Claims!

Hi Pocketchangers! Mrs. Pocketchange has another post for you, but real quick - we hit our first FI goal! On to the next! - Mr. Pocketchange Have you heard about class action lawsuits? You've probably heard of them in the news, but did you know there are websites where you can submit a claim in … Continue reading Mrs. Pocketchange’s Tips: Settlement Claims!


June 2018 FI Progress

Hi Pocket Changers! It’s hard to believe another month has gone by, and it has sure been busy on our end. Well, we’re halfway through July, so it’s time for a progress report. Mrs. Pocket Change and I closed on our first home in June! We also adjusted some of our financials, and have made … Continue reading June 2018 FI Progress


4 Steps to Starting Your House Hunt

There. We’ve said it! We are hunting for a house…finally! After 6 years in an apartment (which I NEVER thought would happen) in Iowa, after moving here cross-country from California, we have a bit tucked away for a down-payment and have started the house hunt! What a crazy adventure it’s been! If you’ve never bought … Continue reading 4 Steps to Starting Your House Hunt


Taking a Financial Inventory

Hey fellow Pocket Changers! Today, you’re going to get a sneak-peek into our financial inventory before we dive into the world of financial independence. Evaluating our financial life is a crucial step to achieving our goal. Without knowing where we are starting, how can we possibly know which direction to move? For example, if you … Continue reading Taking a Financial Inventory