A Quick Detour from Financial Independence

Welcome back Pocket Changers! I wanted to take a quick detour from our normal financial independence posts, and head out to open water — let’s talk about life for a few minutes. We’re getting serious today.

Maybe you’re still on the fence about this whole ‘financial independence’ thing and just aren’t sure about it all.

I get it!

It goes against the grain of ‘conventional’ financial wisdom. I won’t dissect all the facets of conventional wisdom because you’d be here for days.

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself that pursuing financial independence is too lofty of a goal or doesn’t seem reasonable given your current life stage. Pursuing financial independence is not a simple choice because it’s a shift in mindset and lifestyle, but it’s absolutely worth it in the long run. In fact, it ranks up there among other big life decisions like changing the way you eat, losing weight, and more.

Mrs. Pocket Change and I were on a walk one night this week discussing the broad scope of financial independence in our own lives. It’s taken us by storm! We participate in a Facebook group hosted by the awesome guys over at ChooseFI, and there are so many interactions in that group from advice, to questions about real estate, lowering bills, travel hacking, and more! Financial decisions literally touch every area of our lives, which means there are so many things to learn and change!

The Big Question

Let me ask you a pointed question, because this will help you determine your trajectory. Maybe it’ll even get you off the fence and on the path to FI.

Why are you working?

NOTE: I guess this question itself has a caveat that you are in fact working… but back to our question. Have you ever asked yourself why you (even collectively, if you’re a stay at home mom/dad) are working? What is the motivation for you to continue to get up every day and go to your job?

This is an utterly brilliant question, because it cuts directly into the heart and mindset you have about work. Perhaps your answer to this question sounds like one of these responses:

“I need to work to support my family.”
“My kids are in sports/art/etc and I need to support them financially.”
“I want to feel satisfied in my job/career.”
“I need money to support our lifestyle.”
“Our bills are astronomical.”
“I need to pay off my student loans debt.”
“We’ve got a big mortgage and I can’t afford not to work.”
“I enjoy what I do so I keep working.”

Yes, some of these responses are grounded in solid reasoning, but I believe the vast majority of folks out there are working because they feel pressured to work due to some level of lifestyle choices (lifestyle creep) or burdens.

Seriously consider for a moment if you could retire in just a few years and could travel, spend time with family and friends, and experience new things, why wouldn’t you?

It’s Not About Laziness

I must make a declaration about Financial Independence here. FI isn’t about being lazy. We don’t want to sit on the couch watching TV shows all day. The goal isn’t to find a quick way out of working. Rather, FI is about cutting the restraints of working for 20-40 years in the workforce by making different life choices. Choices you make now, each day, that will set you up to become financially independent (you won’t NEED to have a typical job).

Financial Independence is about pursuing a counter-cultural lifestyle now in order to cut the ties from the conventional career and retirement path, by taking control of your financial life and making your money work for you. 

Where Does That Leave You?

Are you interested in joining the Financial Independence journey, still on the fence, or not concerned? If you are at all interested, subscribe to our blog by entering your email address in the sidebar to stay updated! Feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have. Also, do some research! We’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into Financial Independence, and are soaking it all up. Check out the guys over at ChooseFI or the folks over at BiggerPockets for some helpful tips.

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