Pocketchange Decor: How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art


How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art

Creating wall art can be pricey, so I’ve been finding creative solutions for DIY upcycled wall art that saves $.

Now that we have been in our new-to-us house for a small period of time, it is time to decorate! I’ve refrained from putting much up on the walls for the first month, just so we could get a feel for the space. But, that spare bedroom needs to be converted to just that…a bedroom, so its current status as a storage space for extras needs to change.

One of my aims in decorating is to create a handmade, unique, splashed with a little vintage, earth-inspired home. I also want our home to be a place of encouragement. Of, course whatever I get is a bonus if it’s saving me pocket change!

I had a fun little picture I picked up at Goodwill for $7, and it looked like it would go perfectly well above my art table. I think someone else had previously painted the oval frame, and I liked it!

How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art

The backing unscrewed easily (bonus!) and it was a print just glued onto some old fiberboard.

How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art

Googling for a phrase was my first process, but I ended up just choosing 2 simple words I really like. They tell me what I often need to hear: “Be Still”. There’s so much busy in this life, and I often need to just rest and be still to pray, create art, let go of worrying and just enjoy the beauty of life around.

I penciled out the words lightly, then took a small brush and some white acrylic paint and slowly painted out the letters.  A little of the ink from the art bled and created a slightly gradient effect in my paint, so that the ‘I-L-L’  turned a little rosy. It dried, I framed it up again, and hung it with a small nail. Ta-da!

How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art

Easy peasy! Pieces that work really well for this are art with a fun frame (not necessarily pretty…you can always paint the frame`!), as well as floral and landscape prints and paintings. Most things will do. Find some words that you love and paint them on. The thrift stores offer an abundance of fun art at cheap prices. I’d look for some that has an easy backing to take off!

If you’re not so much into painting, use some vinyl letters! Find a friend with a Cricut machine to create some for you or find them on Amazon for cheap. I think this one or this one would be super cute on a piece of art! This is a super simple way to transform an old piece of art and brighten up your space! If you end up doing something like this, leave a comment below and let me know how it turned out!

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