Your Money is Your Responsibility!

Hi Pocketchangers! Welcome back! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are starting to celebrate the Christmas season! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an IRA conference to further my financial knowledge and garner continuing education credits for a certification. It's a great refresher course and it's also a reminder … Continue reading Your Money is Your Responsibility!


Thursday Round-up: Black Friday Style Part 2

Happy Turkey Day, Pocketchangers!I hope you are able to spend some time today living in gratitude for what blessings fill our lives. I know I don't thank God nearly enough.Below are a few more actual sales to help your gifting money go further this season! Be sure to use a points-earning credit card like the Southwest … Continue reading Thursday Round-up: Black Friday Style Part 2


Wednesday Round-up: Black Friday Style Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving, Pocketchangers!We hope you have plans to have a wonderfully thankful time with your family and friends this year. As we all know, Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving and ALL the businesses are once again starting before that to make everything about the spending. We here at Pocket Change Lifestyle try to be smart … Continue reading Wednesday Round-up: Black Friday Style Part 1


The Ups and Downs in the Market

If you haven’t heard yet, this week has been a roller coaster for the stock market. Between Wednesday and Friday, the market saw quite a drop and you can feel a level of uneasiness spreading. But, don’t lose sight of the prize! The drop, as most are, can be attributed to several circumstances including the … Continue reading The Ups and Downs in the Market


Travel Hacking: Our Maine Trip

We just returned from an absolutely stunning trip in Maine, with the main purpose of seeing Acadia National Park. This is our 3rd large trip that was greatly aided by travel hacking. What is travel hacking? Basically, it’s using points and miles to travel to amazing places on a budget! This won’t be a comprehensive … Continue reading Travel Hacking: Our Maine Trip


The Maine Event

Hi PocketChangers, and welcome back! We recently returned from Maine on a much-needed vacation. Now that we’re back and settled, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about our trip. If you’re new to the blog, check out the Start Here post about Financial Independence and the journey we’re on. If you’re returning and are … Continue reading The Maine Event


August FI Progress

August was a crazy month for us, especially in the world of finances! Welcome back PocketChangers to another FI progress report! Here’s where we’re at for August: Investment Changes Last month, I opened Vanguard and Fidelity brokerage accounts to begin investing small amounts into the market. In August, we moved some funds into each of … Continue reading August FI Progress


A Pretty, Easy, and Frugal Solution for Window Privacy

Do you need a simple solution for window privacy? Pretty vinyl privacy film could be what you need! Sometimes curtains cut out too much light, and honestly, I don’t always like sheers. We have a bedroom window that faces the street and I needed something and something soon that wouldn’t cost much.  (Forgive the bad lighting … Continue reading A Pretty, Easy, and Frugal Solution for Window Privacy