Pocketchange Decor: How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art

  Creating wall art can be pricey, so I've been finding creative solutions for DIY upcycled wall art that saves $. Now that we have been in our new-to-us house for a small period of time, it is time to decorate! I've refrained from putting much up on the walls for the first month, just … Continue reading Pocketchange Decor: How to Make Upcycled & Frugal Thrift Store Art


Introduction to Investing

Hi Pocket Changers! Today, we're diving into the world of investing! Okay, perhaps getting our toes wet is a more accurate assessment. Regardless, today we're going to look at a problem facing a number of Americans, and try to understand why investing is important for long-term financial goals. Let's jump on in! BIG NOTE: The … Continue reading Introduction to Investing


June 2018 FI Progress

Hi Pocket Changers! It's hard to believe another month has gone by, and it has sure been busy on our end. Well, we're halfway through July, so it's time for a progress report. Mrs. Pocket Change and I closed on our first home in June! We also adjusted some of our financials, and have made … Continue reading June 2018 FI Progress


Taking Back Your Income

Hi Pocket Changers! We've been discussing Financial Independence for a couple months now. I figure, by this point you're shaking your head unconvinced that financial independence will work for you for any number of reasons. Or, perhaps you're chalking this up to some sort of fad, or you are interested but don't know where to start. … Continue reading Taking Back Your Income


4 Ways to Furnish a New Home on a Budget

The fun part of house-buying has begun! We're in the process of buying our first home -- and attempting to do so while not blowing our budget out of the water. Thankfully, the home is pretty move-in-ready. We'll still paint and do a few small side projects, but overall, the pre-moving part won't including fixing a … Continue reading 4 Ways to Furnish a New Home on a Budget


An Example of the FI Mindset: The Mortgage

Hi Pocket Changers! We're jumping back on the FI bandwagon, and in lieu of us closing on our first ever home next week, we're going to talk about a mortgage today! I recently had a discussion with a good friend about the ways of FI and our journey thus far. We've been friends for a few … Continue reading An Example of the FI Mindset: The Mortgage


A Quick Detour from Financial Independence

Welcome back Pocket Changers! I wanted to take a quick detour from our normal financial independence posts, and head out to open water -- let's talk about life for a few minutes. We're getting serious today. Maybe you're still on the fence about this whole 'financial independence' thing and just aren't sure about it all. … Continue reading A Quick Detour from Financial Independence