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Cell Phone Service: Mint Mobile

We currently use Mint Mobile for cell phone service after moving from T-Mobile. Funny Mr. and Mrs. Pocketchange story - we had our T-Mobile for 10 years, an account that existed before we got married! Join using our link (click the image) and we'll get a referral credit!


Everyday use Credit Card: Chase Freedom

Looking for an everyday use credit card with great rewards? Check out the Chase Freedom card! We've had great success with this card, and can earn bonus points if you sign up through our link here!

FI Book: The Simple Path to Wealth

This is hands-down the best book I've read to date on simple investing, the Financial Independence mindset, and contains a wealth of knowledge. Add this to your list!

Portfolio Overview: Personal Capital

Personal Capital has a place in our hearts because it helps us track our Net Worth by adding in all of our savings, checking, retirement and brokerage accounts, and even our mortgage! If you haven't used Personal Capital, it's free, and super easy to use!

Budgeting: Mint

Not to be confused with Mint Mobile, Mint is a fantastic free budgeting tool! Great for looking back on your account history (after time has passed) it helps give you a great overview of your spending habits.