Mrs. Pocketchange’s Tips: Settlement Claims!

Hi Pocketchangers! Mrs. Pocketchange has another post for you, but real quick – we hit our first FI goal! On to the next! – Mr. Pocketchange

Have you heard about class action lawsuits? You’ve probably heard of them in the news, but did you know there are websites where you can submit a claim in these lawsuits if you have purchased a specific product?

Top Class Actions is one of these such sites. They send out a weekly email about the various lawsuits that are pending, ongoing, etc, and brief you on their latest. 

Now, let me caveat this with the fact that I am NOT a fan of our lawsuit-for-every-little-thing American culture.  However, if a company makes claims that are untrue and you have taken what they said as true and bought this product, or if they knowingly gave you a product that was not as described, for personal benefit, etc…I think it’s good that they are held accountable. I won’t likely be the one going to court for this, but other people do. 


This is where Top Class Actions comes in. They aggregate all of these types of cases on their website and in a section called “Settlements“, you can see the various titles open to claims. You can click on the claim and read about it to see if it is something that you qualify for, and if you do, you can submit to be a part of the settlement.

Eventually, you will end up getting a check in the mail for a certain amount. One other item to note….this will take a while. =) Class actions are notoriously long processes. However, once it closes, you’ll get a payout. It may be $2 or it may be $50. Many of the settlements are dependent upon how many people make claims and some are dependent upon how many of their products you bought. 


This is no get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be a nice surprise in your mailbox. I submitted in a class action a while back for a specific cell phone settlement and ended up getting a check for over $100. Mr. Pocketchange also got a check because he had the same type of phone. There have been times when I’ve seen a settlement and have been eligible but disagree about the ethics for the settlement, so I didn’t submit. Be discerning and smart and also, don’t submit for any you’re not eligible for. That should go without saying. 🙂 

Once in a while, you’ll see a settlement out there and submit a claim…and after several of these, you’ll have a few nice surprises in your mailbox over time. Fun or play money, or money to add to your savings!

Happy claiming!

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