June 2018 FI Progress

Hi Pocket Changers! It’s hard to believe another month has gone by, and it has sure been busy on our end. Well, we’re halfway through July, so it’s time for a progress report. Mrs. Pocket Change and I closed on our first home in June! We also adjusted some of our financials, and have made our best effort to plan for big decisions down the road. We had a great family meeting last week to touch base on a few of these items. Here’s a quick snippet of our meeting:


Investment Changes

This month we reviewed Mrs. Pocket Change’s 401K holdings and contributions, and made some adjustments to the low-fee index funds available. I reviewed my options and am already in the best available. We also discussed the prospect of opening a Vanguard brokerage account to start investing in the VTSAX or the VTI. However, upcoming expenditures are causing us a small level of apprehension. Reading “The Simple Path to Wealth” has given me a new perspective on investing, and I wanted to better align our current holding with this in mind. But, we need to take care of urgent things first! Progress in this race is slow and steady!

NOTE: We’ll talk more about investment strategy in another post, as this is an important facet to FI that we haven’t touched on yet!


June was a big month because of the house, which of course brought on it’s own challenges. The previous owners had cats, so our basement was saturated with a terrible cat smell. Because of this,¬†we spent a bit extra on cleaning supplies and tools. Here’s a quick glance at adjustments we had to make to our budget last month/this month and going forward:


  • Mortgage, interest, PMI
  • Homeowner’s insurance (annual payment)
  • Switched car insurance (annual payment, saves us about $200/year)
  • Water, trash, and gas
  • New internet provider


  • Rent
  • Renter’s insurance provider
  • Old car insurance provider
  • Old internet provider

Goal Updates

Our first FI goal of $25,000 has pushed back as we expected. Because of the expenses associated with buying the home, our goal has been adjusted to March 2019.

Looking Forward

We knew that at some point down the road the three trees on the property will need a trim. Some of the branches are growing around utility lines, so it’s something we want to take of sooner than later. The first quote we received was for $2,000, which is actually lower than I expected. We were given the recommendation to us until November to trim the trees, which gives us another short-term goal to reach towards. We’ll update our goals next month if/when we know more!

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