FI Goal#1 – Met!

Hi Pocketchangers, and welcome back! It’s been a while since we gave you an update, primarily because we’ve been quite busy with life! From being more involved in ministries at church to being cooped up by #PolarVortex2019 – it seems like we’re just trying to survive. Work has also been stressful, which then reminds me of this journey to Financial Independence.

This year so far has been interesting and, well, we’re barely into February. To be quite frank its’ really going to be crazy with travel, life changes, and more. I can’t share all the details with you at this time, but we’re both excited and terrified!


On the topic of big things for the year, we hit our first Financial Independence goal – $25,000 net worth! Compared to others on the same journey in the Financial Independence space, we fall into the category that makes significantly less money. Many in this space earn upwards of $90,000+ which is great, and we are NOT jealous but, less income actually adds a few layers of challenges to our journey.

Net worth over $25k! Yay!


What next? That’s the next best question, isn’t it? I mentioned this year has been and most definitely will be challenging as time passes. Because this year is more or less ‘up in the air’ we’ve started evaluating our budget for various circumstances (i.e. losing a job). I’m a planner and want to know if something happens, we have a plan so that our finances don’t totally wreck us. 

All of this planning brings us to our next goal – TBD!

No joke, we’re still in the discussion phase of what our next goal should be due to all the variables this year will bring. We just bought a house, so of course, there are things we’d like to update/work on. We also have a few trips planned this year and we need to ensure that we have those taken care of financially.

Regardless of the number we decide upon, sounds like we’ll be saving more money! 

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