The Christmas FI Goal

Hi Pocketchangers, and welcome back! If you haven’t seen or heard about the markets recently, you’d be surprised to know that they are seeing their worst performances in a few years. In fact, this ‘bad’ performance has literally altered our first FI goal! It’s time for some adjustments.

Now what?

The first FI-nancial goal we set after starting down the FI path is to reach a net worth of $25,000. We were tentatively scheduled to hit that mark by the end of the year, so it would have been a neat Christmas gift to ourselves. But, because of the market’s performance over the past few weeks and a couple other necessary large purchases, that goal and the schedule have changed. I haven’t quite worked out the new scheduled date yet (it’s been a busy few weeks), but it’s definitely NOT going to be in 6 days.

Can you believe that the market hasn’t performed this poorly in quite some time? Some investors are chanting “discount time” and they are right. Because of the dip in the market, we also moved a little bit more into our investing account at Fidelity to make some purchases. Just think, if/when the market goes back up, we’ll be getting more bang for our buck. For example, if a stock/fund was sitting at a value of $75/share, but dropped to $50 a share before we bought, we’d be cool cucumbers.

We did briefly hit our goal during this month, but that was before the big dips. However, I’m more interested in hitting – and staying at – our goal as we continue to cut costs and save money wherever we can. 

It Takes Creativity

I’m a creature of habit. I like doing the same things, eating the same meals, driving the same way to work, etc. I must have the same type of tea, eat the same type of pie…etc. I’m a simple guy.

What the Financial Independence movement has taught me, is to be flexible, and to get out of my comfort zone. Staying motivated on this path is a challenge when everything around us says ‘buy me!’ But, that’s the beauty of being flexible and creative – we’re not tied down by debt so we have the freedom to already do what we want when we want, but also requires us to think and make changes to our lives. I’d like to think it’s also keeping us on our toes. 

A recent venture of mine that is slowly starting to take off involves… you guessed it – writing! I’m passionate about writing, finances, and marriage. This project involved writing marriage booklets that have been encouraging and strengthening marriages already which is great! If you’re interested in learning more about these booklets, check our Our Marriage Pulse on Facebook!

What about you? What financial goal(s) are you currently working on?

Christmas Greetings

Now that we’re having to adjust our schedule for our goal, it’s another reminder that money isn’t everything. We don’t count on it, rely on it, or even put our hope and trust in it.

Money doesn’t buy true joy!

Money will only satiate the desire for a little while, or even feign happiness for some time. It draws our attention and distracts us from the true meaning of Christmas. As we move into and through this Christmas season, don’t focus on the money aspect. Focus on love, family, and friendships. For us here at Pocket Change Lifestyle, it’s also the belief of a precious gift given to us long ago as a baby – Jesus Christ.

From Mrs. Pocketchange and I, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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