August FI Progress

August was a crazy month for us, especially in the world of finances! Welcome back PocketChangers to another FI progress report! Here’s where we’re at for August:

Investment Changes

Last month, I opened Vanguard and Fidelity brokerage accounts to begin investing small amounts into the market. In August, we moved some funds into each of these accounts and invested in a few different options. Again, our goal with investing is to get into low-fee investments. Quick side note: we’re not providing investment advice! Here’s a quick breakdown of what we recently invested in:

Vanguard: Invested in two different funds, the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (Symbol: VTI) and the Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets (Symbol:VEA)

Fidelity: Invested in the newly created Fidelity Zero Total Market Index (symbol: FZROX) that is a 0% fee fund.

We still have funds going into our 401K plans at our employers, so this is just a small picture of our investments!


August brought our first ‘big’ unplanned expense with our house – replacing the gutters. We found that the original gutters had rusted through in some parts. I also unintentionally created a larger hole while trying to fix them, but we won’t discuss that! Thankfully, we’ve been able to cash flow the payment, but this has altered our savings for the month and our first FI goal. We also started using Plastiq to pay our mortgage payment! This company charges your credit card and cuts a check for the requested amount + a small fee. This in turn allows us to get the benefit of the rewards points and pay our mortgage! We’ll keep you updated on this as it will certainly help us achieve spending goals for rewards credit cards in the future. Check it out if you have time!

Goal Updates

Although we had to replace our gutters, our net worth goal of $25,000 remained the same – December 2018. We’re still ahead of pace (originally February 2019) so that’s encouraging! We’re hoping as we progress over the next few months that we can continue to balance our financial goals with enjoying life!

Looking Forward

As we move into September, we’ll be taking a small vacation (a much needed one) so we’re going to have a very different month, and this will be the first trip we’ve taken while ‘officially’ pursuing financial independence. Can’t wait!

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