Welcome to Pocket Change Lifestyle!

We (Mr. and Mrs. Pocket Change) are an ordinary and oftentimes quirky couple who desire to get out of the rat race and break free instead of being a slave to the 9-5 job for the next 40 years. Pursuing travel, having more availability to serve at our church, being able to see friends and family more, and having the flexibility to try new opportunities (read side biz) is our goal. We’re not expecting financial freedom to solve all of our problems or give us ultimate happiness. We’ve already got our core focused on God, and that is one of the biggest reasons we’re pursuing this, all-in.

This blog has been born out of our observance that we’ve walked a less-than-typical path. It will chronicle of our family’s journey to financial independence – and provide some accountability too!



Mr. and Mrs. Pocket Change currently have Associate’s degrees and other certificates, along with experience in the financial world. We’ve also had to teach ourselves along the way. We moved across the country at a young age, and other times, when financially stressed, had to figure things out on our own. However, we have been blessed with a good supporting of immediate and extended family cheering and encouraging us on.

Purposes Defined

One purpose of this blog will be to bring up an open and honest dialogue about finances. Another is to bring encouragement to those of you who didn’t inherit 100k, who didn’t do the typical U.S. college experience, or who experienced seeming ‘setbacks’ that made it hard to push forward. Or, maybe you DID do the typical college experience or did have to do the routine college->job for 40+ years thing, but you never were shown how to manage money and take it to the next level. We’re here for everyone!

Hopefully, our nerdiness (lovers of board games, free/cheap experiences, and more) will make you feel right at home, or at least entertain you!

This blog will be our accountability, but will also give us opportunities to learn from you! Share with us how you do things differently, and join us on this journey! We’re learning as we go, through mistakes and successes, so let’s make it a good one! Welcome to the Pocket Change Lifestyle!