A Pretty, Easy, and Frugal Solution for Window Privacy

Do you need a simple solution for window privacy? Pretty vinyl privacy film could be what you need! Sometimes curtains cut out too much light, and honestly, I don’t always like sheers. We have a bedroom window that faces the street and I needed something and something soon that wouldn’t cost much.  (Forgive the bad lighting photos in advance…)

This is our window in the master bedroom, facing the street. See that guy on the bike that could just wave at us as we wake up in the morning…or during other unspeakable activities? No. Just no. And he’s just one of MANY that pass by that window on a given day. That street is the ‘busy’ street!

A pretty, easy and frugal solution for window privacy vinyl film

A pretty, easy and frugal solution for window privacy vinyl film

I found this decorative static window film cling on Amazon and it had really great reviews. I like this pattern but of course there are a lot of others. This one just looks like clear pebbles and is rather sparkly. Very pretty!

Here’s my process:

  1. Order film.
  2. Use tape measure to measure the panes of the window.
  3. Cut the film to the size of the window panes.
  4. Clean the window then spray once more so it’s wet.
  5. Peel off the film backing and affix to the glass pane.
  6. Push out the air bubbles with a credit card.
  7. THE END!

This is a super simple project to provide some privacy without blocking out all the light. Plus, it has a really cool look. I actually needed a bit more to fit the very top panes, but since those are taller than most people can peer in anyway, I’m not too worried. You can see a bit of the shapes on the outside, but details are definitely not apparent. I’m very happy with it!

An affordable and easy solution that looks good? Such a win! Let me know if you try it and how you like it!


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