FI Goal#1 – Met!

Hi Pocketchangers, and welcome back! It's been a while since we gave you an update, primarily because we've been quite busy with life! From being more involved in ministries at church to being cooped up by #PolarVortex2019 - it seems like we're just trying to survive. Work has also been stressful, which then reminds me … Continue reading FI Goal#1 – Met!

Mrs. Pocketchange’s Tips: Settlement Claims!

Hi Pocketchangers! Mrs. Pocketchange has another post for you, but real quick - we hit our first FI goal! On to the next! - Mr. Pocketchange Have you heard about class action lawsuits? You've probably heard of them in the news, but did you know there are websites where you can submit a claim in … Continue reading Mrs. Pocketchange’s Tips: Settlement Claims!


The Christmas FI Goal

Hi Pocketchangers, and welcome back! If you haven't seen or heard about the markets recently, you'd be surprised to know that they are seeing their worst performances in a few years. In fact, this 'bad' performance has literally altered our first FI goal! It's time for some adjustments.Now what?The first FI-nancial goal we set after … Continue reading The Christmas FI Goal